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Hamilton Conference Center Reservations

To reserve a room, please contact Yancy Inwe at extension 388 or by e-mail at yancyinwe@hconfcenter.org. Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Cancellations require 24 hour notice. Room deposits will not be returned for cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled event.
Time Sunrise Room Mountain View Room Arbor Hall Mitchell Theater Gold Room Blue Room Green Room
8:00 Marriage Encounter Breakfast Club of Ohio Computer Expo set up Available Available Available Available
9:00 Available The Tompkins Group Retirement Planning Drivers' Ed
10:00 Available
10:30 Pearson Planning The Senior Group
11:00 Ohio Conference of Librarians Movie Club
12:00 Marriage Encounter Luncheon Available Available Senior Luncheon
1:00 Available Available Computer Expo opening session Senior Classes
1:30 Available
2:00 Ohio Book Resale Setup Mothers of Multiples
3:00 Marriage Encounter Talks Youth Theatre
3:30 Teen Connection Tutoring Tutoring
Hamilton Conference Center 8711 West Park Lane Hamilton, OH 45011 (513) 555 - 7911

Our Rooms

This is a list of our different rooms available for reservation.

  • Sunrise Room

    Maximum Capacity: 80

  • Moutain View Room

    Maximum Capacity: 150

  • Arbor Hall

    Maximum Capacity: 150

  • Mitchell Theatre

    Maximum Capacity: 120

  • Gold Room

    Maximum Capacity: 40

  • Blue Room

    Maximum Capacity: 30

  • Green Room

    Maximum Capacity: 55